Marshall Stockwell Speaker Review

Whatever gadget you are thinking to buy, you can never go wrong with Marshall. Marshall has impressed everyone with each of its launches. Like the Marshall Stockwell speaker; which has all the great and intelligent specifications and looks just like a hi-end classical Marshall speaker

If you are getting confused on whether to invest in this Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker, you don’t have to anymore. In this Marshall Stockwell speaker review; I have covered each of its good and bad feature and quality. You will get to know everything about the speaker in this Marshall Stockwell review.

Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Sound Quality:

We all are aware of the fact that Marshall never compromises on the sound quality. So, it is clear that Marshall Stockwell speaker provides the smooth, loud and crystal clear sound. You can control the songs, volume, and bass from the Marshall Stockwell speaker, or your smartphone. The Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker delivers a crisp and balanced sound. You can listen to any genre music on your Stockwell Marshall; like pop, jazz or hip-hop. Marshall Stockwell will balance the sound; that results in delivering the best sound ever.

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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Design:

As always, Marshall made the classiest speaker set again. The Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker is black with gold accents. Also, in the middle of the speaker is the classical ‘Marshall’ logo.

On the top of the Marshall Stockwell speaker, are multiple buttons and control knobs; you will find the AUX port, Bluetooth indicator light, volume, bass, and treble control, phone pairing option and the power on/off button.

Also, for the USB charging port, you have to look at the back of Marshall Stockwell where you can charge your Stockwell Marshall speaker. Also, on the right side of the speaker is the 15V power port. The feet of the Marshall Stockwell speaker is covered with rubber; to give the extra grip when standing.

In conclusion, the Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker is one of the classic looking speakers in the market.

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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Connectivity:

The connection of the Marshall Stockwell speaker is effortless and simple. It features a 4.0 Bluetooth range, so pairing your device to the Stockwell Marshall is very quick. Also, you can connect your smartphone or laptop via AUX input too. Also, you will find the AUX input port at the top of the Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker.

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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 7.52 x 12.5 x 5.08 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Frequency range:  50-20.000 Hz
  • Input: 1x 3.5mm
  • Input range: 14-17 VDC
  • Output: 27 W RM
  • Bluetooth range: 4.O UP to 25 H
  • Battery: Up to 25 hours (when fully charged)
  • Power Source: AC and Battery

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Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick Bluetooth pairing
  • Can provide a playtime of 25 hours when charged fully ( on volume 5)
  • Easy to carry.

Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker- Cons:

  • The volume drops a little when on loud volume.
  • Light/ low bass

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