La Tomatina 2019

La Tomatina is one of the most known festivals which is celebrated in Bunol, Spain. Thousands of people from all around the world gather in the center of Bunol to enjoy the most famous event. People celebrate the tomato festival Italy every year on the same day every year. People are following the Tomatina festival from 1945 in the memory of a historical event, which happened in the streets of Bunol, Valencia.

So, this year too, hundreds of people will celebrate the La Tomatina 2019 on the same day as every year.


When is La Tomatina Celebrated?

It is the most searched question of all time as many people plans on flying off to Spain early. So, here is a little history of when and why people celebrate the Spanish tomato fight every year.

Back in 1945, when the big heads were walking in a group in of Bunol, some youngsters wanted to join the tribe. And they did, but one of them accidentally pushed one of the big heads. He landed over a stall full of tomatoes and in anger and rage, he started picking and throwing the tomatoes at everyone. The battle of tomato-throwing began and it ended when the police forcefully had to shut them down.


As a result, the Spanish people celebrate the La Tomatina Bunol every year on the same day when the battle happened. That is the last Wednesday of every August. It has now been seven decades, and the people from all over the world gather in the famous street of Bunol, Spain to celebrate the Tomatina festival Italy.

La Tomatina 2019 Date:

As per the traditions, people of Spain celebrate the tomato throwing (La Tomatina) festival on the last Wednesday of August every year. It was the same day when the big heads threw tomatoes on each other, 70 years ago.


So, this year the La Tomatina date 2019 will be on the 30th of August, which will be the last Wednesday of the month.


The number of people booking tickets is increasing every year, but the policy la Tomatina Warszawa are very strict. The festival allows only 20,000 people to join the world’s largest tomato throwing fight on first come first serve basis.


People who want to celebrate the Tomatina in Spain books their tickets and choose a package for the festival. There will be different packages for La Tomatina 2019  by many different travel companies. They include a hotel for you to stay, the Tomatina Valencia festival and much more. You get just an hour of enjoying and smashing the tomatoes without any stress. It is one of the reasons why the la Tomatina(Spanish tomato fight) is the world’s most fun festival. And after an hour, one will throw a single tomato.


La Tomatina bunol 2019 will be on the 28th of August this year. If you are planning to fly there with your friends, make sure to hurry because of the limited 20,000 range.

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