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Spain receives a large number of tourists every year especially around August, and we all know the reason. The La Tomatina festival 2019 is one of the main reasons for the tourism rate in Bunol, Spain. Bunol is a town in a province of Valencia, Spain. Bunol is famous just because of the great tomato fight which people celebrate every year. Each year, thousands of people visit Spain in August with their family and friends to enjoy the world’s known La Tomatina festival 2019. La Tomatina tours also consist of many different packages offered by different tourism companies. The person will have to select the desired La Tomatina Tour package 2019 and enjoy the most famous festival in the world.

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Who doesn’t want to visit Spain which is such a beautiful country, around the time of August especially!? No one will miss the world’s most significant food fight which is people celebrate as a memory every year. Imagine going to the tomato throwing fight festival with the ones you love; it will be a dream come true. Keeping this in mind, many people, each year visit Bunol to attend La Tomatina Spain.


As exciting as it sounds, hundreds of people start booking their tickets from the start of August. Attending the Tomatina festival is one big deal as it happens once a year and is a fun event.

As for August starts, I am sure many people already have their tickets booked and are getting ready to go to the biggest tomato fight.


Spain has a total of 12 festivals which are famous all across the world. Festivals like Running of the bulls, Las Fallas, Holi Run and many others that are famous throughout the world. Although the most famous and known festival from Spain is the La Tomatina Festival which is also known by the tomato throwing fight. Even though the tomato day has no religious background, it has importance over a historic event of 1945. People celebrate the festival every year on the same day now.  It is known as the most fun event of the year which started 70 years ago, and now people wait for the tomato throwing festival eagerly.


Here is bad news for the ones who are planning a trip for this festival. The number of participants allowed at the tomato festival has a limit of 20,000. It may seem a lot, but the tickets sell out in the blink of an eye. If you are serious about going to Bunol this August, better get your tickets as soon as possible before they go all empty.


As for August starts, the excitement of La Tomatina Bristol is at its peak. The people willing to go are counting days and are waiting for the last Wednesday of this month.  The date of the Tomatina festival will probably fall on the 28th of August 2019. Get ready to throw tomatoes on anyone you want!!

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