Ion Tailgater iPA77 Speaker Review

Believe it or not, we all need portable Bluetooth speakers which we can pose on the side of our bed, in our car or our lounge so we can enjoy good quality music any time we like. Now that portable Bluetooth speakers are quite easy to find, there are so many that you would love to buy. Here is the Ion Tailgater iPA77 review which will give you a proper idea about this wireless Bluetooth speaker if you are interested in investing in them.

Ion Tailgater iPA77 Speaker Review

Sound Quality:

If you are in search of a portable speaker that you can use on your beach parties, any grand gatherings or family celebrations, the Ion audio tailgater iPA77 will perform well for you. With a 6 ½ woofer, tweeter and a 50- watt amplifier, the iPA77 Bluetooth speaker produces a powerful and loud sound that everyone will love to have. The highs, mids and low tones that Ion Tailgater iPA77 produces are detailed and precise, with no sound distortion that it will make you listen to a song twice.  You will feel every detail up to the par with the Ion audio tailgater iPA77.

The only thing which will concern you a little bit is the tailgater iPA77’s bass output. If you play something heavy like a punk rock music, you will feel the Ion iPA77 speaker not catching up that well; resulting in sound and vocal distortion. Other than that, the Ion Tailgater iPA77 produces a big, loud and smooth sound quality that you can listen indoors and outdoors as well.

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Looking wise, you will find the tailgater speaker like a vintage speaker with lots of control buttons and the mainstream square shaped box. But, this vintage quality also makes the iPA77 look cool and classic. It weighs 16 pounds, so you cannot carry it around with you like other portable speakers, but the sound quality and other features of Ion Tailgater makes it worth the investment.

On the front of the Ion Tailgater iPA77, you will find an LCD that will showcase the frequency, battery percentage, and status. You will also find control buttons such as Volume up/ down button, Play/ Pause button, Radio button, Bluetooth and some connectivity ports like USB, AUX input and MIC.



The Ion audio tailgater iPA77 is a Bluetooth speaker, so of course, it can be connected wirelessly. To connect, just press the Bluetooth button (which you will find on the front of the iPA77) and pair up with your device. Other than Bluetooth, you can also make wired connections using the USB and AUX port.

Apart from these basic connectivity Ion Tailgater iPA77 options, it also features Radio. You can listen to the radio if you don’t want to connect your phone to the Ion iPA77 Bluetooth speaker.

Also, your Ion Tailgater speaker will also act as a power bank to your phone. To charge, connect your phone with the USB port and your phone will also charge while you listen to your favorite music track.

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Dimensions: 9.2 x 12.5 x 13 inches

Weight: 16.98 pounds

Connectivity: wired, wireless

Bluetooth range: up to 100 feet

Battery Life: up to 50 hours.

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