Apart from the fact that La Tomatina is the most fun festival in the world; people celebrate it with full enthusiasm and energy.  It is celebrated in a small town Bunol in Valencia, Spain. Not only the people of Spain but from all over the world love to be a part of the tomato smashing festival; people get their hotels and book their travel packages from the start of August to attend the festival, that is how amazing la Tomatina 2019 is.

Even though it is an enjoyable festival, the government of Bunol has its own rules and regulations that the participants must follow strictly. Here are some of the rules:

  1. Only 20,000 people can attend the La Tomatina 2019 festival.
  2. Do not bring bottles with you.
  3. Do not bring any hard or sharp object with you as it may harm other participants.
  4. Keep distance from the trucks
  5. Don’t push other participants
  6. Make way for the trucks
  7. Bring only waterproof cameras ( if you may)
  8. As you hear the second shot, stop throwing tomatoes immediately.
  9. Squash the tomatoes before throwing them (it may hurt somebody).
  • People carrying bags or any other things will not enter the festival.

These were the ten rules that all the participants must follow strictly or else they won’t be able to attend the world’s most fun festival.


Here are some fun facts about the tomato smashing (La Tomatina 2019) festival that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Google has recognized La Tomatina, and it uploads a poster every year.
  2. Most of the people wear white so they can see how they got all tomato-y and how their shirts went from white to red.
  3. Apart from the fact that throwing tomatoes is all fun and stuff, but tomatoes are disinfectant; so your skin will be all clean and pure after the tomato fight.
  4. La Tomatina is known as the world’s most significant food fight.
  5. People of Spain start other small functions and competitions one week before the main event.
  6. There is an after party right after the fight where people dance, sing and drink- mainly enjoy.
  7. La Tomatina is celebrated every year as a memory of an incident that happened decades ago; when a man accidentally fell over a tomato stall and squashed all the tomatoes. That is how the fight started, and now people celebrate that event more than anything.
  8. The fight begins after the ham is dropped- yes, it is true!. The festival starts when people get on top of the greasy pole ‘palo jabon’; and when the ham falls to the floor, the tomato filled trucks will then come to the area, and the festival will start.
  9. Over 150,000 tomatoes are used for the la Tomatina fight every year.
  • The biggest food fight in the world (La Tomatina) lasts for only one hour.

Here were the ten amazing facts about the tomato smashing festival that you probably didn’t know.


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