Elac UF5 Review

The Elac UF5 is known as one of the best floor standing speakers. Let’s see why. You have possibly heard the name of Elac; Elac has launched many speakers in an affordable price range. Like many other previous models of Elac speakers,

So, in this Elac UF5 review, you will get knowledge on all of the good or bad features that this standing speaker offers.

Sound Quality:

For the sound quality, the Elac UF5 is a home speaker that you will adore. The Elac Unifi F5 is famous for its concentric feature. Here, concentric means that the sound will always reach your ears from the same difference; so you don’t feel irritated by the extra loud sound effects even if you are near the speaker.

Also, the Elac UF5 is made of a 4-inch midrange cone with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter; for a better frequency and toned sound.

Elac f5 handle the low frequency using three aluminum 5-inch woofers.  These all are arranged in a 3-way bass reflex design that results in a loud, crisp, crystal clear and a smooth sound; every time.


The Elac Unifi F5 will look the best standing in a big sized lounge area. The f5 speaker is 38 inches high; with screws fitted at the bottom to help in the stabilization of the speakers to a carpeted floor. If you have a hard floor, there are rubber caps included in the box so the speaker will have an extra grip to hold on to.

The front of the speaker is simple; with no buttons or connectivity ports. You will find connectivity ports on the bottom back of Elac f5.

Looking wise, the Elac f5 is a very simple yet elegant speaker.

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Elac UF5- Features:

  • The Elac UF5 features concentric property, so your ears don’t hurt even in the loudest volume.
  • You can connect your Elac Unifi F5 to your TV or computer and listen to songs or watch movies in a theater like an experience.
  • Setting up the Elac speaker is a breeze
  • Also, the UF5 Elac speaker is very user-friendly. You have to connect and play it.
  • Elac UF5 is a floor standing speaker; that will look attractive and chic in your room.
  • You can listen to any music genre, and Elac will play it like a pro
  • Elac UF5 features a three-way design; it offers balanced lows, mids, and high sound range.

Elac UF5- Specifications:

  1. Dimensions: 10.8 x 7.9 x 38 inches
  2. Weight: 42.6 pounds
  3. Speaker type: floor standing speaker
  4. Connectivity: wired
  5. Amplification Type: passive
  6. Max Output Power: 140 Watt
  7. Speaker Driver Details: Midrange driver, Tweeter driver, and Woofer driver
  8. Colors Available: Black


  • Loud, crisp and smooth sound
  • Concentric featured
  • Nice and elegant design
  • User-friendly
  • Super affordable


  • The build could be a little strong


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