Elac Debut F5 Speakers Review – 2019

Elac is a well known electronic company by Andrew Jones. He launched the Elac Debut F5 speaker system, which is one of the best floor stander speakers you can buy for a home theater experience. If you are looking for a set of high-quality speakers that offers loud and clear audio quality, the Elac Debut F5 is the one for you. In this Elac Debut F5 speaker review, you will get to know all the specifications and features of this Elac model.

One of the best things you can invest in for a home theater experience is good quality speakers.  There are many speakers that you will now find in the market for excellent audio quality, but floorstander speakers will work the best. You may have heard the name of ELAC for Bluetooth or floor stander speakers.

Sound Quality:

As for the sound quality, the Elac Debut F5 speaker system features two 5.25 inches low-frequency drivers, 1-inch cloth dome tweeter and one 5.25 inch midrange driver. These drivers are set up in a way that it delivers a loud and crystal clear sound every time. The midrange and treble accuracy is perfectly angled to provide the movie dialogs.

Also, the Elac Debut F5 speaker system’s performance is custom designed 10- element crossover; that makes sure to deliver excellent audio quality. You will have a beautiful home theater experience with your family every time with the Elac Debut F5 floor stander speaker.

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Andrew Jones has kept the Elac F5 design very decent and straightforward that adds to the beauty of the floor standing speakers. Elac F5 is a tower speaker with 1- inch silk dome tweeter and three Amarid fiber drivers. Jones has set these drivers up in a way that it looks decent and delivers loud audio too. The fiberboard of the Elac Debut F5 is covered with a brushed black vinyl finish, and a simple black cloth grille covers up the speaker.

For the connectivity pins, you will find them at the back of the speaker system right at the bottom for easy access. You can pose your Elac F5 speakers anywhere in your lounge, and they will look and work just as good.


  1. Speaker Dimensions: 8.8 x 7.9 x 38 inches
  2. Weight: 32.8 pounds
  3. Frequency Response: 42- 20,000 Hz
  4. Amplifier Power: 40- 140 watts
  5. Amplification Type: Passive
  6. Connectivity: wired
  7. Sensitivity: 86 Db
  8. Drivers: midrange, tweeter and woofer drivers
  9. Color Available: black
  10. Warranty: 3 years


  • Loud and smooth sound
  • You can hear all the movie dialogs clearly


  • The low frequency is a little distorted


If you are looking for a speaker that will give you the best home theater experience, the Elac Debut F5 speaker system is the best choice. They are floor standing tower speakers with a stylish looking design; that will look good and will deliver a loud and crystal clear sound quality.

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