The most stylish and sleek of them all, the Bose SoundDock series 2 is one of the bestselling speakers with a unique look and striking features. No one knew that a thin slate of speakers could hold so much power. If you are thinking of how to operate the SoundDock ii speakers, it is very simple. You need to play your favorite music track, place your iPhone/iPod in the dock, set the volume and enjoy your music in the most precise and crispest sound ever. The SoundDock ii does not look like the typical speakers, and they are not. Let’s see why!


Bose is a well-known company, and all of their devices are very expensive, but when they released the SoundDock series ii, no one expected its price to be so affordable. The Bose SoundDock 2 is available in just $299. This is also one of the reasons for you to get the Bose SoundDock.


The second amazing thing is the look of the SoundDock series 2. I will make any countertop look stylish and modern, which is definitely what anyone will love. It is a very well built and stout speakers. It has a glossy casing and a silver curved metal speaker with a front mounted dock. The SoundDock series 2 is a very thin slate like a speaker that looks just as amazing.  Bose SoundDock series 2 sleek design will fit anywhere in your home and will make the area look more stylish. 



Bose SoundDock 2 includes an eight button remote control and an auxiliary audio input so you can easily connect any external device like your DVD, CD or MP3 player. Also, the dock has its volume controller so you can set the volume from the SoundDock speaker too. You can also charge your iPod/iPad while playing songs, so that is a plus! The SoundDock series 2 is compatible with many iPhone and iPod models. You will need a 30 pin adapter apple lightning connector to connect with iPhone 5 and other iPhone and iPod models.


Coming back on the features of the sound system of the Bose SoundDock 2, it is powered by patented digital signal processing circuitry. You can enjoy your favorite music in the smoothest, crispest and detailed sound even when playing in the highest volume. You can also listen to any song from classical to punk rock, and SoundDock ii will deliver the music with exceptional smoothness and clarity.

Bose SoundDock series 2 is available in five different colors like Black, silver, limited edition white, blue and green. You will, therefore, have many color choices when buying the Bose SoundDock ii.

Bose SoundDock series 2 digital music system is the best for you if you are an iPhone user. You can quickly get your daily music dose without any wires, plug your iPod/iPhone on the SoundDock’s dock and enjoy. Listen to your favorite music in complete clarity and in the best sound you have ever heard.

Michelle Tonia

Michelle provides reviews on the different products and holds a degree in BBA honors.

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