Bluetooth speakers for your kitchen

If you are in search of good and compact Bluetooth speakers for your kitchen; let me help you.  This is a list of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers for your kitchen that you can buy in a budget, and that also delivers the best sound.

Music is essential in our lives. We listen to our favorite soundtracks while we eat, shower, get ready and even when we cook, dice and slice. In other words, our kitchen needs some music so we can enjoy while we cook too.

For that, you will have to get yourself and your kitchen some compact, portable and wireless speakers that will sit at your kitchen corner beautifully; while you listen to the best sound quality.

1.  SoundBot SB571 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The number one on the best speakers for your kitchen is the SoundBot SB571. Yes, these speakers are so good at how they look. SoundBot SB571 is designed in a very decent and thoughtful manner. They will look great on your kitchen counter that is for sure. As for the sound quality, the SoundBot SB571 wins at that too.  It delivers a very smooth and crystal clear sound. It has 6W + 6W loudspeakers with premium drivers; so you can also take your portable speaker set outdoor and enjoy it there too.

Key Features:

  • 0 Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • You can talk while you cook to with the built-in mic and hands-free calling.
  • Deep bass and loud, smooth sound.
  • The design is incredible, that will rock your kitchen counter.
  • Universal capability for Andriod, Apple, Ipad, Tabs, and laptops.

2.    Logitech UE Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The second one is the UE Boom by Logitech. These speakers are very portable and compact; so they will not take up your entire kitchen counter. UE Boom with play all of your favorite songs in the clearest and warmest of sound.  For your kitchen counter, you will need something that you can move around too. And these Logitech UE Boom wireless speakers are very lightweight so they can be carried easily.

Key Features:

  • You will get to listen to the loudest, clear and deep bass sound in your own kitchen.
  • You can double up the speakers by connecting it to any other Logitech speaker model to play the same song from different speakers.
  • The design is so compact that you can even fit it in your hand carry.
  • While you cook, control your music from your smartphone by downloading the Logitech sound app.
  • It is water and stain resistant; which makes it the perfect piece for kitchen use.

Those two were rated as the best Bluetooth wireless speakers of all time; especially for kitchen use. As they are compact, lightweight and you can control the music easily. You can invest your money on any of them and you will not regret.

Michelle Tonia

Michelle provides reviews on the different products and holds a degree in BBA honors.

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