4 Best Philips Air Fryer List 2019

Air fryers are the new technology that is the best alternative one can have instead of frying foods in liters of oil. Sure, air fryers are the healthy option as they don’t need any oil to fry your food. Air fryers fry your food with hot air making them extra crispy, crunchy and of course, healthy.


As air fryers are healthy and quick, many people are searching for a good air fryer to invest on. If you are also looking for an air fryer for yourself and your family that is one of the best one, you can always trust Philips air fryer. Philips is a name we all have heard of because of their trusted and durable gadgets and electronics. They launched some of the best air fryers that you should consider looking for if you are looking to buy an air fryer.

Here are some of the best air fryers on the market by Philips that you can trust.

1. Philips airfryer xl

The Philips xl air fryer is the highest rated air fryer that you can get for your kitchen.  The hot air fryer Philips xl is famous for some of the features that people love; which are as follows.

  • You can not only air fry but bake, grill, and roast too with the Philips airfryer xl.
  • The Philips xl hot air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to get the foods fried.
  • With Rapid Air Technology, your food will be ready in less time.
  • Philips xl oil less deep fryer is a starfish design, which helps in circulating the hot air more easily; resulting in crispier and healthier cooked meals.
  • The Philips airfryer xl is a top rated air fryer also because it can hold 2.5 pounds of food inside, which is more than enough for four people.
  • Using the Philips airfryer xl is so easy.
  • It has a digital LED screen on the front with simple programmable options like a timer, auto on/ off and temperature control.
  • With the cool to touch exterior, you will never have to worry about getting burned while waiting for your air fried food to cook.
  • Also, the drawer and the basket of the Philips xl dry fryer are removable and even dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean up your air fryer.


  1. philips vivaairfryer

Here is another philips air fryer that is best air fryer on the market. Here is a little Philips airfryer review of the viva air fryer so you can get an idea about it before buying.

  • You can not only air fry but grill, roast and bake your meals with the Philips viva hot air deep fryer
  • The Philips Viva best small air fryer is user-friendly so that anyone can operate it.
  • On the front, you will find an LED digital screen that will showcase the timer and temperature.
  • With the storage capacity of 2.2L, viva Philips health fryer is best for a big family.
  • The Philips Viva airfryer uses Rapid Air Technology to air fry your meal.
  • Rapid Air Technology uses no oil at all and makes sure to hot air fry your food that will come out crispy, delicious and healthy.
  • Also, Philips viva hot air deep fryer is starfish designed, that helps the hot air to circulate all the sides to cook your food properly.
  • Cleaning the Philips viva dry air fryer is as easy. All the parts are removable and dishwasher safe.
  • The Philips viva oilless air fryer is small and light in weight, so you can adjust it anywhere in your kitchen and use it for your daily delicious and healthy meals.
  • The only con about the Philips viva hot air fryer is that it is a little costly.


  1. Philips airfryer hd9220

Also, one of the best fryers 2018 is the Philips airfryer hd9220. If you are looking for the best small air fryer, that does the best cooking too; the Philips airfryer hd9220 is the one for you. Here are some of the best features of the Philips hd9220 hot air deep fryer.

  • The best feature of the Philips airfryer hd9220 is the built-in timer; you have to set the timer, and it will prepare your meal automatically.
  • With 1 liter of capacity, the Philips hot air deep fryer is perfect for a big family.
  • The Philips airfryer hd9220 features cook indicator LED lights, which will indicate you when the food is ready.
  • You will always have hot and crispy food because of the auto warm feature of the Philips air fryer.
  • The Philips hot air fryer features adjustable temperature so that you can set and control the temperature accordingly.
  • It also has space for cord storage, so your kitchen counter will always look neat and tidy.
  • Cleaning the Philips hd9220 hot air fryer is also really easy. All the parts are dishwasher safe so it will take minutes.


  1. Philips Avance Collection HD9645 Air Fryer

Last but not least is the Philips Avance HD9645 hot air fryer. Here are the features of this Philip air fryer

  • The Philips Avance oilless air fryer uses Turbo Technology for frying.
  • The Turbo Technology makes sure that the food comes out crispier, healthier and evenly cooked.
  • On the front, there is a digital LED screen that will showcase the temperature and timer options.
  • It is easy to use.
  • All the parts like the basket and storage tub are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


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