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Nothing can beat deep fried fries or chicken, the smell of fried food can drive anyone crazy and made them want more. But, no one likes too much oil dripping from their fingers or too much fat in their fries. For that purpose, deep fryers are introduced. There are many deep fryers that you may have seen, but there are some that will make your cooked meal ten times more delicious and crispy; which we all love to have.

If you are looking for an electric deep fryer that will save your time and make your fried items more delicious and oil-free, here are best home deep fryers that you can invest on for your kitchen.

  1. Tefal FF1628 Filtra One electric deep fryer

So the first one on the best deep fryer for home use list is the Tefal FF1628 filtra one electric deep fryer. Tefal deep fryer requires maximum 1 liter of oil to deep fry anything that you want. Also, there it features a cool touch exterior, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned. Tefal electric deep fryer has a fixed aluminum pot and a removable filter basket, so it is super easy to clean too.

Also, the Tefal deep fryer is compact and sturdy in design so you can place it anywhere on your kitchen counter and it will not take much of your counter space.

  1. Waring DF280 Professional Electric Deep Fryer

Here is another electric deep fryer that is perfect for small or even large items to fry. The waring pro professional deep fryer is large, so it is for people who have space on their counter and are willing to invest some amount in their deep fryer.

The waring pro deep fryer is enormous as it can contain maximum up to one gallon of oil, yes it is that big! Electric deep fryer waring DF280 has three separate baskets; two small ones and one big sized basket. You can use whatever basket you feel like using according to your items. The waring pro deep fryer’s container is made of stainless steel, so it is a breeze to clean. The additional features include a sprout so you can take the oil out easily without any mess.

The waring pro professional deep fryer is popular because of the LED screen that shows 60-minute digital timer and temperature control feature for perfectly crispy and fresh meals. The only con about the waring deep fryer is the exterior can get hot sometimes, making it difficult for you to work with.

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  1. Presto 05450 Dual Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

The Presto 05450 home deep fryer is liked by many people because of the quality and durability of the product and second, the division and capacity of the electric fryer. The Presto electric deep fryer is divided into two sections, and both can hold 8 cups of oil that is perfect for frying large meals.  Also, you can remove the divider and use the Presto dual daddy home fryer as one, for when you are having dinner over. It is small in size and can be adjusted anywhere on your kitchen counter.

The outside may get a little hot while frying so watch out for that.

4.       National Presto 05461

The national Presto 05461 is the best deep fryer for home use because of its advanced features. First, the Presto electric fryer has an indicator light that will indicate you when the oil is at the right temperature and is ready to fry. Second, electric deep fryer Presto 05461 has three separate baskets; two small and one big so you can choose any one basket for frying. Third, the heating element and the enameled pot are easy to remove and to clean.

The national Presto 05461 home deep fryer is light in weight and small in size so you can adjust it anywhere on your kitchen countertop.

  1. Masterbuilt 20010610 Indoor Electric Deep Fryer

Masterbuilt launched their 20010610 mini fryers that people loved for their home. You can fry anything, and it will come out crispy, fresh and healthy. The masterbuilt mini deep fryer also features a viewing window on the top so you can keep your food in check while it is frying. You can pour in maximum 1 gallon of oil as it has an extra sizeable detachable basket. This electric deep fryer has every removable part which makes it easier to clean and put back together. It is a mini fryer so you can keep it at any corner of your kitchen and fry the crispiest of meals whenever you want.

The only con that some people noticed is that the lid of the masterbuilt electric fryer won’t shut properly.

6.       HAMILTON BEACH PROFESSIONAL electric deep fryer

The Hamilton Beach Professional deep fryer is one of the most user- friendly home deep fryer that you can buy. This electric fryer features an adjustable timer and temperature control, so you don’t have to watch over your food all the time. Also, the Hamilton home deep fryer has three adjustable baskets; two small and one large. You can fry three meals at a time, so that is a plus.

For heating, it may take some time to get the oil all heated up and ready to fry. Your meal will be prepared within minutes and will turn out healthy and crispy.

The only con is cleaning up the Hamilton Beach is not so easy and will require time and energy. Other than that, this electric deep fryer is a must-have.

  1. Aroma Smart Fry XL ADF- 232

Last but not least is the Aroma Smart Fry best home fryer. This electric deep fryer is for the people who are looking for a large home fryer. It has four quarter capacity which is perfect. Aroma home deep fryer features immerse heating element for even and quick frying. Also, it has ten pre-programmed functions that make the Aroma electric deep fryer easy to use.

Cleaning of the Aroma home deep fryer is effortless as both the parts are detachable.

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