Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04 Bluetooth speaker

.The Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice if you are looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker. With the Sound Kick you get some pretty impressive sound out of this small speaker. Following is the complete Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04 Bluetooth speaker review.
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Design and Features:

The Sound Kick might not be one of the prettier looking Bluetooth speakers out there. But, it is by no means ugly. The design is a simple rectangle that utilizes both metal and plastic and has interesting lines on the side. The speaker does not feel cheap, and the build quality is splendid. Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04 Bluetooth speaker does not squeak or creek when you apply pressure or try and twist it and such. The speaker has excellent durability, we tossed it around a bit and stuffed it in a backpack. And the fact is that you really don’t have to worry about it or baby it, like you would some of the other Bluetooth speakers. The gentle, pleasing design of other Bluetooth speakers can get easily scratches up or the beautiful aluminum casing, dented.

The speaker Dimensions are 1.6 W x 10.5 L x 4.2 H inches and at 1.6 Pounds its got a bit of heft to it which we didnt mind. It has a built-in 2200 mAh battery which will give you around 7 hours of play time. All the button controls are on top of the device and are easy to see and press. The Sound Kick has a deep box that pulls out from the back and acts as a kickstand slanting the speaker at an angle for better sound. But most importantly the deep box is used for better bass performance. Which allows for more room and air to allow the Sound Kick to achieve the better low-end sound. Also, note the Sound Kick will not enable you to play audio until you have pulled out the deep box.

Some other features the Sound Kick has is a USB port in the back of the device which will allow you to charge devices. As long as the speaker is plugged into the wall or if you are listening to music at no more that 70% volume. In the back, you also have your power input with indicating LED. There is also a 3.5mm aux port that allows for wired connectivity with the included 3.5mm cable.

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Sound Quality:

The main appeal of the Sound Kick is the sound it can produce for a speaker that is under the $100 mark. The treble, midrange, and bass performance is exceptional, and the highs are crisp and clear. The Sound Kick has two 2.3 inch drivers that allow the Sound Kick to reach some pretty loud volume levels. Even at 100% percent volume, we did not get any distortion. The bass performs well thanks to the deep box that pulls out, but obviously, you won’t get very deep bass from a speaker in this size category.

The Sound Kick does not have any Speaker Phone features, but at this price, it should not be expected.

We liked what the SoundFreaq Sound Kick has to offer. And we agreed that it would not be an easy task to find a speaker with such excellent audio performance.

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