Philips BT50b37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

philips bt50b wireless portable bluetooth speaker review
There are many expensive speakers that have best quality sound. But is you are looking for best quality and affordability at the same time Philips bt50b portable Bluetooth speaker is for you. It has an impressive design and best quality audio at the same time. For as low price as $19.99, you can buy Philips BT50B-37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Following is the complete Philips bt50b wireless portable Bluetooth speaker review:

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Following is the complete Philips bt50b wireless portable Bluetooth speaker review – Performance:

Philips bt50b portableBluetoothh speaker provides impressive sound quality results. Regardless of its size its works at its best to provide crisp and clear sound quality without ant distortions even at hive volume.

This portable wireless speaker has an anti-clipping function that enables this product to perform at it highest and keeps it from damage be distortion. The Philips BT50b has no bass output so if you need a portable Bluetooth speaker don’t even consider buying it.

 Philips Bt50b Battery Life

The Philips BT50b test has shown that it could perform up to 8 hours which is good for its size.

Philips BT50b Charging

This Philips speaker comes with micro USB charger for recharging purpose.

Philips BT50 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Design

It has beautiful and sleek design the colour combination is also good. It is ultra portable which can easily fit your bag.  Philips BT50b/37 is made up of rubber plastic which made it easy to grip and accident-free.

At the top there is speaker grille with Philips logo, LED light indicator, slider switch for Power Off/Aux Connection/Bluetooth Pairing, Phone button, and ports for micro-USB charging and Audio input are placed. The stopper at the bottom makes sure that speaker didn’t move when it is turned on.


It is available in Black and two other colours, i.e., Gray/White and Lime/Gray.


It has a compact size and can be called as ultra-portable speaker.

Philips BT50B/37 Wireless Portable Speaker – Connectivity

This Philips wireless portable speaker supports both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth pairing process is fast. If you want to connect with a wire, then the Philips BT50B-37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker has an input for 3.5mm Audio/Aux cable for use.

Its speakerphone function also has good quality sound.

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Reviews on Amazon

rating of 4.5 out of 5 has been provided to Philips BT50 on Amazon by people who have already bought and used it.

Philips BT50 reviews show that individuals who have used this product are completely satisfied by the results it has provided.

Here is a BT50b Philips review:

Good little speaker for the money. Easy to pair with my phone and the sound is decent. No complaints at all, though if you’re looking for bigger sound, you’ll want more prominent speaker. It does great in the car, and I find I get a little louder sound and better base by sitting it sideways in the cup holder. I use it for listening to hockey games, and it does well there. Might be a little on the small/weak side for music or open spaces, but it fits my needs well.

By F. Bocskor.

Pros of Philips BT50b/37:

  • Low price
  • Good Sound Quality


Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3*2.4*2.4 inches
Bluetooth Range 10 m to 30 ft
Battery Timing upto 8 hours