Marshall Stanmore Speaker Review

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are in trend now and finding good ones is quite difficult. If you are in search of excellent and classical speakers in a limited price range, Marshall Stanmore is the one for you. Marshall made its name for some excellent reasons, and now their speakers are ranked as number one among all, with all the great features, specifications and a price range that one can afford. Following is complete Marshall Stanmore Speaker Review:

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Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth speaker is highly recommended as it offers the best sound quality. You can enjoy the lowest to highest pitched music with the same crisp, details, and smoothness as you would expect from a high-end wireless speaker. It offers a sound so clear and smooth that you will never regret investing money on Stanmore wireless speakers.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker Review – BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY

Stanmore also has Bluetooth feature that includes APTX technology and connectivity that ranges from 20-30 feet to about 10 meters. Even at a distance, the voice quality will not drop a bit, and you can listen to your music without any fuss.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker – POWER SAVER MODE

Apart from these amazing features, Stanmore Bluetooth speakers offer power saver mode. The power saver mode will turn your Stanmore speaker off after 20 minutes of inactivity which will save much power. To turn your speaker back on, you just have to press the wake-up button. Marshall Stanmore wireless speaker also has a standard mode which works perfectly fine. You just have to press play on your connected device and voila!

Marshall Stanmore wireless speaker also has an RCA input so with that you can easily connect your CD or record player and listen to your music.

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Marshall Stanmore Review – THE CLASSIC DESIGN

The authentic design of the Stanmore wireless speakers is also a plus. The speaker’s design will give your counter top a vintage and classical look which is oh-so-amazing. Acton’s exterior is of leather, brass fittings, and the classic Marshall logo. At the bottom, there are rubber feet to prevent the speakers from slipping and to give it an excellent grip anywhere you place it. The controls of the wireless speakers are of Marshall’s brass itself, which makes the speakers look even more definitive.

The size of the Stanmore wireless Bluetooth speaker is quite small; it can easily fit anywhere in your car, your room or even if you are having a party. Even though Stanmore speakers are small yet they are not easy to carry with 5.1kg weight and no carry handle. It comes in three different colors, a black color, brown and a cream color.

In under$400.00, Marshall Stanmore is the best Bluetooth wireless speaker available in the market. You need to save up just a little bit to get the Bluetooth that will be your best friend. Hence, Marshall Stanmore wireless Bluetooth speakers are worth a try. Marshall Stanmore wireless Bluetooth speakers offer every specification a good speaker will have, from beautiful design to spectacular sound quality and fantastic Bluetooth connectivity, they are worth a try!

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Marshall Stanmore vs JBL xtreme

JBL GO Marhsall Stanmore
Dimension 3.3*2.7*1.2 in 10.6 x 17 x 11.8 in
Weight 4.6 lbs 13.3 lbs
Reviews on Amazon 4.6 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
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