Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker Review

Pocket sized and convenient wireless speakers are must have now. Going on a long drive, being home alone or even at a party; you do need to have your music dose, and wireless Bluetooth speakers will save your life. Speaking of music and Bluetooth wireless speakers, how can we forget the best wireless speakers? They are none other than the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speakers. You all must have heard the name of Marshall Acton, and for some of you, it will be on your ‘to buy’ list. Following is complete Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker Review:

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker Review


Marshall Acton is the best choice if you are looking for high-end and handy wireless speakers. The Acton speakers will not disappoint you regarding its specifications and looks. The Marshall Acton speaker offers a standard Bluetooth of V4.0+EDR connectivity, you can easily connect your gadgets, and it makes sure to deliver the best sound.

Another great specification of the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker apart from all of its wireless features is its 3.5mm analog input so you can easily connect your device with your Marshall Acton also. The Acton speaker features do not end here.

Marshall Speaker Acton – DESIGN AND SIZE

Apart from the specifications, the Marshall Acton wins at its looks too. The device is quite small, so you can quickly take it literally everywhere with you. The Acton speakers are cased in a smooth vinyl casing which adds to its retro style. It looks very vintage and of course, classic! And the Marshall logo which is woven perfectly at the front of the wireless speakers inevitably brings an admired feel. You can choose between two colors, the classic black, and the perfect cream color according to your likings. The Acton speakers is a cool and classic device which will make your counter look as amazing as the music.

You can keep your Acton speakers anywhere you want, in the bedroom, the hall room, when you have some friends over or a nice candle light dinner; the Marshall Acton wireless Bluetooth speaker will be at your service, serving the best- as always even when playing at the highest volume.


Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker Review – CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND

Coming back to the features, the Marshall Acton wireless speakers has its powerful 25watt amplifiers that will rock your world. It offers a rich, loud and clear sound that you would expect from a Marshall; your investment will be worth it.

The Marshall Acton speakers do not work on batteries; the plug-in wire will charge the Bluetooth speakers. From clear, soothing sound too punchy rock music it will play your song just as good as you would expect.

It’s for the price of $159 which may be too much but Acton speakers will out-weigh the price. Acton is the one for you if you need music 24×7 just like I do!

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