JVC HA-NC250 Noise Canceling Headphones Review

JVC HA-NC250 headphones blend terrific sound quality that has the noise canceling and advanced technology of isolation for providing a superior experience to the listener. The circuitry noise collection of HA-NC 250 involves the feedback technology that monitors the process of noise cancellation continuously. These results in the elimination of 85 percent of unnecessary background noise from the headphones. The noise HA-NC250 cancellation headphones also provide two innovations of JVC headphones for blocking the noise. Further, this helps in isolating the user from sounds coming from outside. To provide an extra sound layer of insulation, every earpiece utilizes double housing structure and provides peace to your ears.

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A new technique was developed by JVC the noise cancellation headphones for isolating the background noise, and that was done by attaching the cushioned ear pads of the headphone to the housing. This feature is essential and can be used with the energetic cancellation of noise switched off. The new headphone utilizes a neodymium driver of 40mm in each earpiece to get the best quality of sound. The JVC HANC250 Noise cancellation provide portability and comfort have headphones that are lightweight and weighs just 5.3 ounces. It can also be folded flat and include a detachable cord of four-foot, slim carrying case, and plug adapter of ¼ inch and airline dual plug adapter. This can be used with most of the home video and audio components. Around 1.5-volt AAA battery is employed by the headphones to power the circuitry of the noise cancellation. The life of the battery is about 50 hours.

It also has an excellent quality of sound, specifically bass, but they are quite tight around the head especially when you are wearing it for a longer time. The JVC was being tested in a boisterous server room, and its performance was spectacularly good. There were few things that are absent in the Solitude Plane Quiet II headset when compared to JVC, and they are:
JVC is extremely light and comfortable and have good build quality as well
They have better performance of noise canceling in spite of the ear design and also offer good sound insulation.
JVC has well-balanced treble and bass, good sound quality and zero hisses.
JVC needs only one battery and has better battery life.

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There are few more benefits of purchasing JVCs canceling noise headphones such as they have standard cable and when the battery dies, they are also provided with the audio pass through. JVCs are nonproprietary and have single AAA battery. They also have great value tradeoff as compared to the Bose QCIII or II.
There are few problems with the JVCs like, on the headset, they are not provided with the volume dial control, and the cable of the headset is quite short, it is only 43 inches in length. Hence it gets tricky to use with the equipment of the home stereo. The other problem is it gets slightly difficult to replace the battery, as it includes popping out the right earpiece.

Few tips required when carrying JVCs, first one is keeping a few extra batteries inside the case of the headphone, in the accessory pouch. Second is to keep the business card in the same pouch.

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