Dozens of mini portable Bluetooth speakers have been hitting the market, and it’s tough to tell which one you should consider for buying. JBL micro wireless Bluetooth is one of a kind. The JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a compact speaker that has a built-in rechargeable battery and offers good sound in such mini size. Here we will give you a short review of the mini JBL model.

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JBL micro wireless Bluetooth speaker – Design

The JBL micro Bluetooth speaker is available in metallic green, black, blue and red.  This JBL micro wireless is 1.6 inches thick and measures 3.3 inches only in diameter. It has extremely lightweight that of 4.5 ounces only. You can just slip it into the pocket quickly.

The top side of the JBL micro speaker is covered with a plastic grill which allows the sound to be clear. The bottom side of the speaker has a hidden space for a plug wrapping it around the speaker. The device is small, portable, simple and user-friendly. The buttons and ports are placed on the outer rim. You can also attach a separate clip to the top of the speaker to hang the JBL micro wireless Bluetooth speaker with your bag or belt.

JBL micro wireless Bluetooth speaker – Sound

For its size, the JBL micro wireless Bluetooth has a pretty impressive and decent sound quality. The size is compact and fits in your palm comfortably. It performs well, and the sound quality is crisp and clear. We didn’t expect it to produce the sound quality like the bigger portable speakers UE Boom or Fugoo Style either. We tested the JBL micro by enabling the Bluetooth on the laptop and placing it close. This speaker was impressive at midrange. The sound it delivers is striking.


The JBL Micro portable speaker also has a bass port. The bass is loud if you play bass-intensive songs. According to its small size, the bass performance is good. At even mid volume, the sound was very clear with a bass that responded well. Though if you increase its volume to max, then the sound and bass would distort.  It is a nice device to keep in your car and play audiobooks on.

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JBL micro wireless Bluetooth speaker – Battery and Connectivity

The JBL Micro Bluetooth has a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. You can charge it with an included Micro-USB cable. It has 5 hours of playback time. That’s not good, but it is great if the speakers are so small. It also has an LED indicator. According to the JBL micro wireless manual, the LED indicator lets you know when the battery is low. Indeed this is a useful feature.

It can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device. It can also connect to headphone jacks on other audio gadgets like the MP3 player; using its built-in cable which is 3.5 mm. Connecting devices via Bluetooth was really easy and fast. When the Bluetooth is active, it has a blue LED light on the speaker side. It efficiently searches the devices indicating you by the flickering of light. The light gets stable when the connection is established.

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