JBL Micro II Portable Speaker Review

Compact portable speakers are a great way to enjoy music with your friends. Take it out while you’re having a picnic or just sitting around. JBL Micro II portable speaker has taken that idea and created this masterpiece; it is a pocket-sized portable speaker that offers a lot more than you would expect. Check out what is store for all of us in my JBL Micro II portable speaker review.

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JBL Micro II portable speaker-Build and Design

The size of JBL Micro II portable speaker baffles us all. It fits in the palm comfortably, and with some features the JBL Micro II portable speaker, it is astounding. It has a very lightweight design packed with amazing capabilities. Even the built-in auxiliary cable has its very own space to nestle in when not in use. The proper indent allows you to wrap the cord around the speaker while the 3.5mm stereo plug fits into the bottom to prevent any damage.


JBL Micro II portable speaker- Features

The JBL Micro II portable speakers features a LED inside of the speaker grille that works as a switch for on and off as well as a charge status indicator and the Bluetooth pairing status. JBL Micro 2 portable speaker doesn’t have an array of buttons and functions but a simple and elegant design. You’ll find on the side of the JBL Micro 2 portable speaker, the power button, charging Micro USB port, a volume slider and an aux-in port and additional portable speakers with a 3.5mm cable.

JBL Micro II portable speaker claims up to five hours of nonstop music. Depending on the volume, the battery life of JBL Micro II portable speaker will vary. The good thing about the battery is that it is built-in and rechargeable.

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JBL Micro II portable speaker- Sound Quality

This tiny JBL Micro II portable speakers have just one driver to power it all. With a single 40mm driver the JBL Micro II handles the entire audio spectrum. However, if you flip on a heavy bass beat and turn the volume high, a powerful sound comes out of nowhere. And if you switch on to some calmer tracks, the JBL Micro II makes it more beautiful to listen, and that I guarantee.


JBL Micro II portable speaker- Performance


After prolonged use, you will realize the JBL Micro portable speakers weren’t meant for everyday use. They are more for outdoor use like a road trip or a party considering the volume capabilities this fantastic compact speaker has. But one needs to understand that it is nowhere near the proper home audio setups, but then again, that’s not the JBL Micro 2 portable speaker was meant to do. For a comparative price tag, the JBL Micro II is a great accessory to carry around to enjoy some music with friends. I would recommend giving the JBL micro ii a shot if you want a hassle-free portable speaker, not with too many cords.

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