The beautiful upcoming season is the perfect time to think about buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. People love to hear music if it is available anywhere easily without depending upon large sound systems. This JBL Bluetooth speaker clip is portable. It comes in grey, black, blue and purple color. JBL Clip Speaker has a quick-start guide and a safety sheet. It has a single 1.56” (40mm) driver and claims a frequency response of 180Hz-20 kHz.

If you need something easy, lightweight for background music, the JBL clip portable speaker is perfect for you. Here we will share with you JBL clip review. So you can know about its pros and cons before purchasing it.

JBL Clip Speaker- Size and Affordability

jbl clip speaker

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The JBL clip speaker is perfect for someone who wants to buy travel-friendly, compact wireless speaker, which is affordable.  The clip speaker has almost all aspects that one wants when looking for an ultraportable Bluetooth speaker.

It is a pretty little thing with the weight of 5.3 ounces. The size of the clip is 4.2 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches which makes it an easy thing to put it into a bag. The design of the speaker makes it very easy to carry it by any means. The name comes from the clip on Bluetooth speaker. The speaker has a small loop at its top part. At first glance, the clip looks like a closed design, but if you tap into its side, then its functions are revealed. The loop is a carabiner, which makes sure that the clip gets attached securely onto anything from a handle of the kitchen door to a daily handbag strap.

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JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker – 5 hours Rechargeable battery


The JBL clip speaker states that you can use it for 5 hours on a full charge. At first, the 5 hours were accurate, but within a few days, the battery started to run out of juice only after using it for 4 hours. Indeed these 4-5 hours duration is very less. In comparison to JBL clip portable Bluetooth speaker, other ultraportable Bluetooth speakers offer way better battery life The JBL speaker clip short battery life has high chances of cramping your mobile and burger lifestyle.

The clip Bluetooth speaker has two connection slots: a Micro USB port which is for charging the speaker battery and an input for linking clips to one another. If you charge via the USB port on your computer, it will take a couple of hours, and even then the fully charged battery will last for up to five hours only. It is indeed not very impressive, but understandable because the size is small and the shape wouldn’t hold a bigger battery either.

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JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Audio Performance


JBL clip speaker sound is pretty good, and it performs as expected. The volume can be turned high and loud but not a lot of it. At the highest volumes, the sound becomes muddy with background noise. There are some bass and speaker distorts if you want to listen to bass-heavy songs at a higher volume. It is better to play it at normal levels because the bass is understandably weak


The JBL portable speakers clip is the perfect at midrange, and its audio performance is best with speech and acoustic music. The JBL clip Bluetooth speaker would hardly be a good choice for a home party, but it is a good lightweight chum for a smartphone or tablet if you want to watch some movie, television series or a sporting event.

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