JBL Clip plus Bluetooth speaker takes the convenience of wireless sound, making it easier to share audio with friends and family around you. These perfectly small sized speakers range within cost and amazing sound quality. JBL’s Clip plus delivers fantastic sound that’s easy to take anywhere. The best thing about JBL clip+ speakers, that they have a splash-proof design. Folling is complete JBL plus review:

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JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker- Features and Price

Since JBL Clip was released inexpensive Bluetooth speakers, have become available in the market, but none match the JBL Clip plus combination of features, price and the quality of sound. The JBL Clip Plus keeps one step ahead by slightly improving sound and adding a vital ingredient that is water resistance.

The JBL clip plus can withstand a splash of water through it shouldn’t be submerged. It functioned just fine after it was sprayed with water. This added protection makes it a better choice in all Bluetooth speakers for taking everywhere. Unfortunately, JBL clip + has not okay battery life, the one issue that remains with the speakers.


JBL Clip plus Bluetooth speaker- Perfect Design and Portability

The JBL Clip Plus is not much bigger than a hockey puck, the 4.2 x 3.5 x 1.7-inches is significantly smaller than portable Bluetooth speakers. It weighs just 5.3 ounces, whereas many other portable speakers weigh around a pound or more. The smaller size and lighter weight make it easier to take the speaker with me everywhere. JBL Clip plus is available in black, gray, red, purple and blue; its hard-plastic case protects it from the bumps. A metal grille covers the 40mm driver that produces the sound.

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JBL Clip + Bluetooth speaker- Quality of the Speakerphone

Rounding out the features, the JBL Clip plus includes a speakerphone also. Indeed the feature is nice-to-have and gives ease in hearing people who are at the other end of the call. However, trying out the JBL clip speaker, we found the voice to come across muffled to others on call. The Clip’s speakerphone is not even clear and crisp in comparison with other expensive portable Bluetooth speakers.


JBL Clip plus Bluetooth speaker-Battery life and charging

JBL states that you can listen to music for 5 hours on a full charge and found that they are right.  We ran a few tests; in one test the JBL clip speaker last for 6 hours whereas once it ran out of battery only after 4 hours. Either way that is indeed not a lot of time to go without the need of charging.
Other ultraportable Bluetooth speakers like Boom Swimmer offers battery life of about 8 hours. Other Bluetooth speaker, Pocket Kick claims 10 hours of battery, if it fully charged. There is a blue light at the front of the speaker clip which changes to red light if the battery level is low. When the red light gets on, after that you have about 15-20 minutes more to use it, before the power runs out entirely. You can charge the clip battery using the Micro USB connection.

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