Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review

The company named Arc Star recently introduced one of its kind Bluetooth speaker, the main feature of Ice ORB floating Bluetooth speaker is it’s floating. Yes, it’s a floating Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers we have ever reviewed. The design on Ice Orb is unique and great at the same time. Another unique feature that ICE ORB features is 360 degrees sound quality.
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Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker –  Performance

ICE orb floating Bluetooth speaker has impressive sound quality. The size is small, but that doesn’t affect the quality of sound. As it has a spherical shape, the sound can be heard at 360 degrees, and that is the feature almost all of the Bluetooth speakers lack. The sound is clear and detailed from all directions. ICE orb also has clean output without any distortion even at maximum volume.

The Ice Orb speaker works as speaker when it’s floating. The bass is not noticeable that it is quite disappointing.

The Orb Bluetooth speaker has a rechargeable battery which enables it to work up to 10 hours. 10 hours is quite long battery life. Its base works as charging dock, on which it floats. By plugging it into a power source, you can connect your smartphones and other devices with the USB port.

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ICE Orb Floating Speakers – Design

The floating Orb Bluetooth speaker has a unique design that is out of the box. If you’re planning to have parties this Bluetooth speaker will be the eye catcher.The unusual designs we get to see are cube or rectangular, but this design is quite impressive. It is available in two colors black/green and white/blue.

It has Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism that enables its stability while floating. Ice orc can also be used with out the base.

Floating Orb Bluetooth Speaker – Connectivity

Floating ICE orb Bluetooth speaker can be used with Bluetooth, NFC or an AUX input.

Connectivity is not a problem while using ICE ORB floating Bluetooth speaker. Connectivity functions are easy to use, thanks to accessible and easy to use controls.

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If you are looking for something cool go for ICE ORB. But if you need a Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality go for a regular Bluetooth speaker. The floating feature makes it look cool, but I won’t recommend you to buy this one if a regular Bluetooth speaker can fulfill your needs.