Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker Series iii Review

Bose is a famous American Company that makes audio equipment since 1964. The sound link series is one of the best series so far produced by Bose. The company latest manufactured sound system is Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker iii. They are one of the most modern portable wireless speakers regarding sales. Last year, the company launched the Sound Link Mini and now released its much better version. Following is complete Bose SoundLink 3 Review:


Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III – Soundbose soundlink bluetooth speaker iii

The series III is similar in size to the previous two versions of the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker but changes its design, and has improved battery life, and plays louder and sounds much better. The SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III is slightly wider measuring about 10 inches wide, 5 inches high and weighing almost 3 pounds.

The original SoundLink Mobile Speaker and the SoundLink Mobile Speaker II came in 2011; both have an around 8 hours of battery life. This Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker iii can go up to14 hours. Previous Bose Sound Link models had a built-in stand. However, the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III has no cover. You can purchase an optional cover for 35 dollars in various colors.

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Bose hasn’t changed the look of the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker iii, but it has straightened out its lines a bit, as the new model has a flat base. Previous models had a slight angle to the base, and you had to use the stand to prop up a speaker. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker iii has a clean, elegant and well-built design. I agree it’s a bit pricey, but at least it looks like a premium product.


If you’re using the Bose SoundLink speaker 3 indoors and not moving it around, then you probably don’t need the optional cover to make it stand. But if you are taking it outdoors, it works well with the cover is a good idea. A zipper is specially designed on the sides making it easier to get on and off the speaker.



According to the Bose, the new SoundLink 3 speaker sounds much louder and better than the previous versions, and they are 100% right. The Sound Link Bluetooth speaker iii is equipped with dual-opposing passive radiators and 4 neodymium transducers which combines with a digital signal processing algorithm to play louder and even better than the previous models while maintaining natural sound at higher listening levels.


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Bose SoundLink 3 Charger

I would say it is important to know how the charging work in Bose SoundLink iii. Just like the previous models, Bose SoundLink iii charger too uses an A.C adapter for charging. There’s a Micro-USB port on the back of the speaker, but it is for future firmware upgrades, not for charging. The one thing that doesn’t favor the whole charging situation is to charge the speaker with an A.C adapter which you have to carry it around with you, and if you lost it, you have to get a new one instead of using another common Micro-USB cable for charging.

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