Bose SoundDock Series iii Review

Dock station speakers work great if you want to have loud and high volume sound without spending the fortune on stereo systems. Bose SoundDock Series iii is one of the best docking stations for you if you are a loyal Apple fan. It is from the signature line of Bose and has best sound quality and innovation.  We have written a complete Bose SoundDock Series III Review. If you are a fan of Apple products, this speaker plus docking station is for you.

Bose SoundDock Series III – Performance

The Bose SoundDock Series III is ideal for small homes. It plays your music right after installing your phone on the dock and charges it at the same time. Boose SoundDock Series iii is easy to use and starts playing with right after putting your phone on the dock pin without any setup requirement.

Bose SoundDock Series iii is latest and improved version of Bose SoundDock ii with better features. It 3 has Apple Lightning connector, rest of the features are almost same.

Bose SoundDock Series 3 – Design

As other Bost products SoundDock Series 3 is catchy and stunning. The sleek design has a minimalist approach behind it to fit even a small corner of desk or bedside table. The weight of Bose SoundDock Series 3 is 4.56 lbs and dimensions are 6.75*12*6.48 inches. It is available in only black color.


SoundDock Series iii is available with two options:

  1. 30 pin connector  (for classic iPod iPhone devices up to 4s)
  2. Apple Lightning connector (for recent Apple devices iPhone 5 and later)
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It is designed especially for Apple devices other devices such as Android, cd players, DVD players, and computers are connected via auxiliary cord to connect to the headphone jack. Bose SoundDock Series iii digital music system can also be used for wireless connectivity with Bluetooth adapter you can buy Bluetooth Adapter for Bose SoundDock Series iii here. The docking station comes with remote control which has eight buttons.

Bose SoundDock Series iii is connected via AC wall outlet and do not have a battery. It comes with 5 foot AC power cord.


Bose SoundDock Series 3 reviews have indicated following pros:

  1. The sound quality of SoundDock Series iii digital music system is good. The sound is crisp and clear regardless of the genre, and there is no need to toggle the equalizer.
  2. Bose SoundDock Series iii portable speaker do not occupy a large space and can fit even in a small corner.
  3. It has compatibility with new and latest Apple devices.



  1. There is a little distortion when the volume is raised higher.
  2. The dock connector is shallow. If there is a case on the phone, then you may face this connection problem, and you will have to remove the case every time you want to connect. Although it’s a minor design flaw there is a solution; you can use auxiliary cord instead of docking connector.
  3. There are no controls on the docking station.
  4. Not chargeable.
  5. No Bluetooth connectivity.


The sound quality is splendid, the sound is clear and balanced. On the other hand, there are some minor design flaws.


For the price, it is a good docking station for Apple lovers.