Bluetooth Hearing Aid Devices : An Overview

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Technology

The best ideas in the hearing aid industry are now becoming available to the consumer. You can now purchase Bluetooth For Hearing Aids, and these wireless hearing aids are available in all hearing aid styles. The technology is most popular in an Open-Fit style Hearing Aid. Bluetooth hearing aid devices will connect via a built in T-Coil that allows wireless communication through a transmitting module.

How to Use

The user can use our proprietary programming software to program or adjust their Bluetooth hearing aids right on their computer, including manipulating the T-Coil options. Our user programming option has and will continue to revolutionize the hearing aid industry. We believe that if you are a candidate for adjustable Bluetooth for hearing aids and can understand how to navigate your computer, that you can easily learn how to use our hearing aid programming software.

Ask for Help

If you prefer not to do it yourself, one of our technical specialists will assist you or do it for you, all you have to do is ask us. With this type of Bluetooth hearing aids programming capability, you’re giving yourself a chance to change your life by controlling settings and hear better than ever before. If you are a previous hearing aid wearer, you’ll love having the control of these adjustable Bluetooth hearing aids which connect right to your computer. They’re amazingly comfortable to use and wear. They’re comfortable, and so small they’re nearly invisible. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a fortune, and you can buy Bluetooth hearing aids online and its an easy process.


Although most people would never wear hearing aids by choice, for those of us with hearing loss, it is getting to be less of a chore. Two significant changes have brought that about, open fit hearing aid fittings and digital technology. Though you can get Bluetooth for hearing aids, don’t be fooled by anyone telling you that Bluetooth is embedded inside of a hearing aid, because that’s not possible due to the size of Bluetooth itself. We do have the solution, and it’s quickly gaining in popularity since they have the ability to connect to so many different devices wirelessly. Consider, streaming audio from your television directly into your Bluetooth hearing aids! I think you could get used to that.

2 Types of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • Open-Fit = Comfort. Open-Fit Bluetooth for hearing aids are so much more comfortable to wear than the traditional BTE. As they have an ear mold because your ear canal is not plugged by the mold or a custom aid. In the same way that taking a pair of earplugs out of your ears brings relief. So does taking out in-the-ear hearing aids or an ear mold. Open-Fit Bluetooth for hearing aids leave your ear canal open so that you hardly notice you are wearing an aid.
  • Digital Technology = Fitting Accuracy. Today’s hearing aid technology is smarter, smaller and more automatic than ever before. The new adjustable Bluetooth for hearing aids can automatically change volume levels where and when required. They also can regulate the amount of noise reduction, and cancel feedback if it occurs. All of the settings are done through the Virtual Technician hearing aid programming software. Check out some of the hearing aid devices below.